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(I've found some on [livejournal.com profile] art_nouveau...I want to share them with you!
They're handmade, handpainted, made with precious fabrics (real fur, real silk, real leather shoes...) and most are already sold...

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Artist's website

(x-posted on [livejournal.com profile] art_deco_style and [livejournal.com profile] theflappers...
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Just some images I have floating around my computer :)

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I've wondered for a while...

You know how women tended to follow the latest fashions for a while, then in middle age to settle on the current 'look' and stay more or less consistent in that to the end of their lives? (So elderly women in the 1920s would still be around in 19th-century fashions, sitting in their bonnets and bustles and whatever -- and there was a population of aging mini-skirt wearers in the 1980s who'd never really shaken off the Sixties...)

Given that the 'flapper' look was so very much a youthful one, I wondered if there was a conservative section of women who did stick with it after fashions changed, or if it was just too obviously unsuited to older women. (You can see in silent films that middle-aged women did take up the tube-dress look when it was fashionable -- and you can see what the results looked like on outsize figures, too...)

Or would the upheaval of a second World War have effectively killed off the remnants of an earlier era, anyway?
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Hello Vintage Enthusiasts!

A quick announcement that Zelda: The Magazine of the Vintage Nouveau's Issue 4 is NOW available on http://www.zeldamag.com/ ! We have some special new things going on with the site- the first of which is an exciting new design! Check out Zelda's blog on our main page with Zelda and vintage news of all kinds! We are also excited to release the new Vintage Shopping Guide- highlighting some of the most exciting offerings from our sponsors!


by David Avallone
by Jason Benjamin
by Bryn Esplin
interview by Don Spiro
by Gin Minsky, text by Diane Naegel
by Brett Leveridge
by Joshua Curtis
by Don Spiro
interview by Shauna Leone
interview by Diane Naegel
compiled by Amelia Raley
by Mister Burton
compiled by Diane Naegel


If you haven't gotten your hands on Zelda yet or would like to send issues to a friend, now's the time! We are proud to offer our four issue bundle (one of each issue 1-4) for only $25 domestic or $35 international! That's a $5 savings for domestic delivery, and a whopping $11 savings on international orders! All prices include shipping.

Thank you for your support of Zelda, and I hope you enjoy reading issue 4 as much as I have enjoyed bringing it together!


hair help

Mar. 3rd, 2011 12:14 am
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The moderator of this coomunity was nice enough to make a post reminding us to be more active and it gave me an idea to ask you, fellow 1920s fan for some haircut advice. I hope you will share your thoughts :)

I'm growing out my hair and I need to cut it, but I'm having a hard time deciding what kind of a bob I want. Last year my hair was this;

which was like the most fun bob ever, but I want something new and my hair isn't long enough for iy anyway.

here's what it looks like now;

and this, just because i'm currently reading Lady Chaterley's Lover and it's slowly becoming one of my new favorites...someone in here has got to love D. H. Lawrence!

(those of you who can read 'photobooth mirror' can clearly see what i'm talking about :p)

ANYWAY: give me ideas for a 20s style short bob! I would love some variations, I have some ideas, but it would be fun to see as many options as possible. What do you think would look good/be fun? :)

Thank you!
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Hello all, I'm [livejournal.com profile] agent_mimi, your new moderator. The previous moderator deleted a long time ago and the community was starting to get spam, so LiveJournal was kind enough to appoint me mod. I don't plan on making changes, but I do encourage everyone to feel free to post! And now, a little hot flapper action:

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Hello Everyone!

It’s that time again where I’d love to share our vintage resource list from Zelda : The Magazine of the Vintage Nouveau (http://www.zeldamag.com)! Our third issue came out in October 2010, and we have a lot of fabulous vintage finds to check out...and do tell them Zelda sent you! The list is under the cut...Read more... )
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Tonight - December 31 - The perfect way to celebrate New Year's Eve 2011 - Vendetta, within the darkly sleek and elegant Monte Cristo in Los Angeles, presented by LADEAD™: Los Angeles Darkside, Club Suicide, and Exile Asylum, and created by Xian Vox, Sarah Lester, Don Henrie, Jeffrey Damnit, Jade Neko, Imagika Om, Michael Stewart, and Emily Elizabeth: 9:00 p.m. - 3:00 a.m.

1920's Prohibition Era Mobster Party

"Knock Over, Knock Off, Knock Out"

Get ready for the best New Year's Eve 2011! This will be a glamorous night with a 1920s mobster theme, featuring:
· REV. JEFFREY DAMNIT (bringing in the midnight countdown)
· BLACKJACK w/SUICIDEGIRL DEALERS Aussie, Coley, & Milloux Suicide
· SEXY LADEAD™ GO-GO with Sheri, Jade Starr, & Kenesha!
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Dance to the finest in Prohibition remixes, vaudeville, tricks, swing, indie, electro, industrial, synthpop, alternative, dark 80s, dubstep, midtempo, avant garde, and much more, played by DJ Xian (Malediction Society, RUIN Hollywood), DJ Mike Stewart (Perversion, Disko.Nekro, Helter Skelter), DJ Steven Andrew (80s Club Addiction, Violator, MODE:M), and DJ Imagika (The Edison, Lucent Dossier)...See you there - in dark, sexy 1920s finery, because this will be a night of flappers, mobsters, and formal black-and-white attire...

Vendetta at the Monte Cristo
3100 Wilshire Blvd. (at Westmoreland)
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(just east of the Metro Redline station at Wilshire Blvd. and Vermont Ave.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Pre-sale prices are $15 GENERAL ENTRY and $100 VIP ENTRY (VIP Speakeasy, SuicideGirls Blackjack, Top-Shelf Open Bar). At the door, they are $20 General Entry and $150 VIP.

Pre-sale tickets at LADEAD™: Los Angeles Darkside (hurry!): http://tinyurl.com/y9pdtar

Prohibition Hour: Prohibition-priced drinks with RSVP from 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Early arrival is highly recommended.

Must RSVP "Attending" by 7:00 p.m. on Friday, 12/31
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For more information:
LADEAD™: Los Angeles Darkside
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I wanted to let everyone know that the new issue of Zelda : The Magazine of the Vintage Nouveau is now available online! Our cover story in this issue is a never-published interview with Charles "Buddy" Rogers : known as "America's Boyfriend", star of 'Wings', and husband to Mary Pickford! There are amazing stories in this piece, including a tale about the very first Academy Awards.

There's a sneak peak of some of our pages on the website as well as some bonus vintage recipes to try!

Film: Gold Diggers of 1933, Formerly Famous: Ursula Parrott , The Berkeley Cocktail, Wig Wearing Tutorial, Tie Wearing Basics, Illustrations by Fyodor Pavlov, Lawrence Gullo, and Dame Darcy; Drew Nugent & the Midnight Society, Midnight Magic : Medianoche, Nell Brinkley : Queen of Comics, Sage Advice : Mister Burton, Vintage City 101: Paris, On the Town (photos of vintage events coast to coast), The Recipe Box (Vintage Recipes)

We're also featuring a vintage holiday gift guide on the Zelda site! Check out some fabulous resources for shopping for that vintage lover on your list this season! :)


I hope you enjoy!
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Hello All!

I wanted to share a bunch of vintage resources with you...these are the sponsors for the second issue of Zelda : The Magazine of the Vintage Nouveau (http://www.zeldamag.com), which came out in April of this year...SO many great places to check out! And tell 'em Zelda sent you! ;)



MY VINTAGE SOLE - http://www.myvintagesole.com – Amazing vintage reproduction styles that are fully customizable! Choose your fabrication, heel heights, colors, and more! From Victorian boots to 1940s starlet heels, these shoes are all made on dance constructions for extra comfort during wear. I have two pairs, and ADORE them!

NAUCK’S VINTAGE RECORDS – http://www.78rpm.com – Nauck’s is the definitive resource for vintage audiophiles, dealing in original 78s and cylinder records as well as phonographs. Nauck’s music auction catalogues are immense, but they’re also THE resource for supplies for audio accessories,record sleeves, phonograph needles, and more!

THE ORIGINAL VINTAGE FASHION EXPO - http://www.vintageexpo.com/ - For Californians (and those California-bound), the Expo is an AMAZING vintage show featuring 85 dealers of vintage clothing, textiles, accessories, and more! This fall, find the Expo in San Francisco’s Concourse Exhibition Center on September 18th & 19th! Bring your copy of Zelda for $2 off admission! On October 16th and 17th, the Expo is in Santa Monica’s Civic Auditorium! (I had an amazing shopping trip at the Expo earlier this year...totally worth the visit!)

ART DECO SOCIETY OF NEW YORK - http://www.artdeco.org/ - Attention New York (and surrounding area) deco lovers! ADSNY is a great way to meet other art deco ethusiasts, as well as a fantastic resource on deco in New York City. ADSNY organizes trips all around the metro area to explore landmarks and museums as well as offering lectures from experts around the world. Help preserve deco in New York, and join ADSNY!

BESAME COSMETICS - http://www.besamecosmetics.com/ - Looking for makeup that not only features vintage colors and formulas, but also makes a stunning appearance on your dressing table? Look no further! My personal Besame favorites : cashmere powder (no shine all day- even holds up in NYC humid summer weather!) and Enchanting Lipsticks in Noir Red and Cherry Red!

VINTAGE BLUE MOON - http://www.vintagebluemoon.com/ - For the find of a lifetime, visit Vintage Blue Moon! Daywear, eveningwear, accessories, swimwear – they have it all, and they have some of the very best. A great place to find pieces for special events when you really need a stunner! While visiting their booth at the Vintage Expo this year, I found what is now my favorite 40s evening dress...find yours at Vintage Blue Moon!

MEDUSA’S HEIRLOOMS – 385 Fifth Ave, Suite 509, NYC NY 212.683.6711 – Looking for vintage style hair accessories for day or evening? Medusa’s is THE place to find it in New York City! Call for an appointment and visit Medusa’s showroom and get lost in a sea of crystal, lace, satin, and more : headbands, hair combs, clips, and accessories...proprietor Kathryn Hausman is also the president of New York’s Art Deco Society, and it shows in her designs! When dressing for a vintage event, I immediately visit my drawer of goodies from Medusa’s Heirlooms!

FLAPPER FLOCK - http://www.etsy.com/shop/flapperflock – A division of Hobo’s Vintage, Flapper Flock is THE Etsy shop to know for offerings of clothing and accessories focusing on the 1910s-1930s. Nicole has it all: lingerie, dresses, shoes, beaded bags, picture hats- the works! (And all at very reasonable prices!) She’s also our Zelda representative in the Southern California area – find her with her paper moon at the Cicada Club in LA, Hobo’s Vintage in Redlands, and other vintage events to get your copy of Zelda!

TOASTER CENTRAL - http://www.toastercentral.com/indexz.htm – Looking to put together that perfect vintage kitchen? Michael has the toaster, appliance, or decorative items for you! Toaster Central’s pieces are refurbished and in working condition (Michael also offers repair services for your vintage toasters). He also has a page of non-functioning pieces for ‘props’ and décor as well. One of my favorite vintage purchases this year : a 1920s Marshmallow Toaster from Toaster Central!

FENHAM PUBLISHING - http://www.fenhampublishing.com/ - Fenham is an independent publishing house featuring the works of C.M. Eddy, Jr. and Muriel E. Eddy. Clifford is best known for his supernatural short stories (published in Weird Tales magazine) and was a friend and confidant to both H.P. Lovecraft and Harry Houdini. Their book, “The Gentleman from Angell Street : Memories of H.P. Lovecraft” is a must for any Lovecraft fan!

DANDELION VINTAGE - http://www.dandelionvintage.com/ - Fun and affordable vintage clothing and accessories for all! From Victorian through the 1980s, Dandelion has it all- and at super reasonable pricing, no less! Perfect for the beginning vintage collector to that seasoned collector looking for a delightful steal! They have a great little beaded bag from the 30s for only $16 up now, and some perfect 20s silk slips for under $40! Yowzer!

LICENSE TO SWING - http://www.jazzviolin.us/ - California jazz favorites Benny Brydern and John Reynolds bring you an album packed with feel-good 30s style swing! Tunes from 1887 to 2008 get a orchestration revamp on this album, and do they sound amazing when done in that 30s style! Catch Benny and John playing in California with Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys, as well as in their own projects...and pick this fabulous album up at CDBaby.com!

ARLENE’S ORIGINAL DESIGNS - http://www.arlenesoriginaldesigns.com/ - Arlene’s line of fun and affordable fascinators and headpieces make it easy to get ready for a night on the town or day strolling in your vintage best! The Garden Party style would be a smash at those vintage picnics, and I love my ‘Purple Marmalade’ tilted just so for some 30s drama. So many styles under $40, and all lovingly made by hand!

VINTAGE CITY EYEWEAR - http://www.vintagecityeyewear.com/ - The best resource in vintage style for your peepers! Vintage City Eyewear has offerings for both men and women- with a lovely array of vintage frames as well as Lafont and Lulu Guinness new frames with enough style and flair for vintage lovers to swoon over! (I have 2 pairs of Lafont frames- they’re the BEST!) I’m eyeing the range of rhinestone cateye glasses for my next fashionable eyeglasses purchase! (Don’t forget- you can get sunglasses, too!)

DON SPIRO – http://www.donspiro.com – The master of vintage-style glamour portraiture, and Zelda’s official NYC photographer! His extensive background in lighting for film and television make him the finest choice for noir-style photos, and he has a long history in vintage-style pinup and boudoir photography as well. Get in touch with Don to capture yourself in that perfect vintage light.

WIT’S END – http://www.clubwitsend.com – The monthly celebration of the Jazz Age in New York City! On the last Saturday of the month, Don Spiro and I bring you live hot jazz from some of New York’s best bands, a vintage cocktail menu, free beginner dance lesson, contests/giveaways, and a chance to wear your finest vintage evening attire. Bands we’ve featured at Wit’s End include Grandpa Musselman & His Syncopators, the Red Hook Ramblers, Gelber & Manning, Baby Soda, the Moonlighters, Molly Ryan & Her Debonaires, Cynthia Sayer & Sparks Fly, the Brian Newman Trio, Sly Blue & Jesse Selengut and more to come! Launch parties for each issue of Zelda are at Wit’s End- we’d love to see you there!

THE RED HOOK RAMBLERS - http://www.redhookramblers.com/ - One of our NYC hot jazz favorites with that New Orleans flavor! The Ramblers can be found playing regularly in the NYC area, and are available for your private parties/weddings/functions as well. Hear the tunes, see the gigs, and get in touch with the Ramblers here!

THE PINK BIRDHOUSE - http://www.etsy.com/shop/thepinkbirdhouse – Looking for the perfect gift for that gal who loves vintage lingerie? Or that bride who wants some early 20th century flair? Vintage-style garters and garter sets from the Pink Birdhouse is the answer! Their flapper girl garters are the sweetest (I adore my pair in peach), and Deborah is able to do custom orders as well. From traditional vintage styles to garters featuring charming vintage kittens and other animals; the Birdhouse is tops!

LAUREN REDNISS - http://www.laurenredniss.com/ - Lauren is an amazing illustrator an author who helped make possible my interview with Doris Eaton Travis in issue 2! Her book, ‘Century Girl’ is an amazing pictoral biography of Doris’s life, and is an essential read for any fan of Ziegfeld and vintage glamour of that era.

CLADRITE RADIO - http://www.cladriteradio.com/ - Our friends at Cladrite tees offer you Cladrite Radio – a fantastic site for vintage lovers with streaming radio as well as a blog featuring bits of delightful vintage trivia and commentary on books, films, and more! A wonderful bookmark in your browser to check regularly, and a great place to stream your vintage music online!

ANOTHER MAN’S TREASURE - http://www.amtvintage.com/ - In the NYC area? Hop on over to Jersey City (up-and-coming so fast, I hardly recognize the place I once lived in 10 years ago), and visit Another Man’s Treasure! The store is a stylist favorite, and is chock full of not only clothing, but so much retro kitsch, it’ll make your head spin! Mention ‘Zelda’, and you’ll get 10% off of your purchase! Hurrah!

I DESIRE VINTAGE POSTERS - http://www.idesirevintageposters.com/ - A treasure trove for lovers of vintage graphic art, posters, pochoirs, lithos, EVERYTHING! Every category is covered here with a broad range of art to choose from...they even have an under $500 section of impressive prints for budget-conscious collectors! Me, I’m into the Lepape pochoirs from the Gazette du Bon Ton, and the N. Greco black cat poster!

FASCINATORS NYC - http://www.fascinatorsnyc.com/ - Super affordable and super wearable, this is a fantastic fascinator/headpiece resource for vintage mavens! Almost everything here is under $40 (with many under $20!), and they’re versatile enough to wear with almost any outfit! For those of the crafting/DIY persuasion, you can add crystal, sequins, or anything you desire to these great basics!

SOIREE - http://www.etsy.com/shop/soiree – Clothing and hat design with luxe vintage materials and design! Attention neo-flappers – these dresses are fierce! Made of vintage laces, bullion, beading, and more...Soiree also offers vintage evening hats that are to die for...there’s a gold sequin number in the shop currently that will make your head spin! Check back regularly for new designs and more fabulous evening hats!

GEORGINA KELMAN WORKS ON PAPER - http://www.georginakelman.com/ - Attention lovers of fine prints and illustrations – Georgina specializes in works on paper from the Victorian Era through the Jazz Age. From George Barbier to James Abbott McNeill Whistler, she offers some of the finest original illustrations, lithos, watercolors, and more. You’ll want to dream your day away at a Parisian café after looking through her offerings...I’m still dreaming of that original Lepape gouache and ink drawing and a beautiful French etching of a flower market c. 1905. Le sigh!
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I spent a week on a Nile Cruise at the start of July, and although the boat itself certainly was hardly Agatha Christie, I thought I'd dress the part anyway. Here are some of my outfits.

Whodunnit? )
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